Apple CarPlay iOS10: these 6 features are new


There were many announcements at WWDC 2016, whether you’re using an iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV, there was something new for all these platforms. But for us the most important part is CarPlay. CarPlay is becoming more widely available in cars and car radios and iOS10 also brings some innovations in that area. In this article, we put them one by one.

With CarPlay in the car you can call, texting, listening to music, and navigate with your iPhone. This article tells you all about the possibilities and availability.

1. Organize apps

If you’re a CarPlay user, you recognize that perhaps there are apps put on the screen that you probably never going to use. CarPlay combined with iOS10 now lets you decide how to organize the screen and what apps you put on the radio. You do this by going to Settings > CarPlay on the iPhone and then selecting your car. Here you see how the apps are categorized in your car window. You can now arrange these by simply dragging them. You can also delete the default apps, podcast, and audiobooks from your CarPlay screen.

At the bottom, you will find a list of all iOS apps that have CarPlay support. Previously, all of these apps were automatically placed on the screen, but you can control it yourself by tapping the plus sign to add an app or on the minus to remove it. The button Reset is to automatically put back everything to the original setting.

The apps for Phone, Music, Maps, Messages and Auto are required, so they cannot be removed.

2. Renewed Maps app

The Maps app in iOS iOS10 has gotten a new look. In CarPlay systems, the app is not very thoroughly overhauled as on the iPhone and iPad, but the parked car feature comes in handy. Navigating with maps is slightly changed with the new navigation buttons on the card if you have not set a route. And once you navigate the blue line looks a lot clearer thanks to a dark outline, while also zoom in on your route has been slightly adjusted.

3. Easier navigation in apps

Navigating in apps is a lot easier with iOS10 CarPlay. If you have to navigate through a vertically scrollable list, you can as usual sweep your finger across the screen, for example, if you have a system with touchscreen. But in iOS 10 you now find a separate navigation bar with two darts. Tap on it and you move up or down in the list. This is a much safer and more comfortable while driving, especially because your car stereo screen is never right for you.

Also improved: scrolling through your contact list. CarPlay in iOS 9 and earlier had the same alphabetical character display like on your iPhone in your contact list. That means that you had to move your finger vertically across the screen to select the first letter. With CarPlay in iOS10, this is no longer necessary. Tap into your contact list on the character bar, and a screen appears with all the initial letters. Tap one of them and you jump directly to names that begin with that letter. This is especially while driving a lot easier and faster.

4. More options Music app

Apple Music is improved a lot in iOS10 and also on CarPlay the app is renewed. The New button (as in iOS) is replaced with Browse. But that’s not all, because for Apple Music-users, there is a much more important function. If you encounter an Apple music number while driving, you can now add it directly from your car to your music library screen with the familiar plus sign. In addition, you can dislike songs (again as in iOS).

Besides these features, new CarPlay apps must also appear, as Apple already announced during the WWDC keynote. Because VoIP apps like Skype will soon be able to use the standard telephone interface of iOS, this calls will also appear on your CarPlay screen. Finally, CarPlay now has support for wider screens and navigation information can be displayed on the screen behind your steering wheel.

5. Call with Skype, Messenger and more

CarPlay depends heavily on Siri. In the car, you get the same Siri functions as the iPhone and iPad, where you also have the option to call all kinds of VoIP based services. You can, for example, call with Skype or Facebook Messenger, instead of via the GSM network. The call history and looking up contacts works the same way as you used via the Phone app.

Apple showed on stage at WWDC how to enter a Skype call via CarPlay. Unfortunately, you can’t test this yourself in the beta version that is currently available, since the new Skype app for iOS10 can’t be installed from the App Store.

6. More information in sight with ultra widescreen and virtual cockpit

Apple has announced that ultra widescreen monitors will be supported in iOS10, so you no longer have black bars on the side. In addition, Apple is going to support virtual cockpits with CarPlay. These are digital instrument panels as you can see on the photo below. You can then see an arrow on the instrument panel in the driver’s position when you have to turn. You don’t have to look sideways to the full map for navigation directions. This will be only available at the newest cars.

Not all of CarPlay new features will be available to all CarPlay systems, as with previous versions. This depends on the hardware and the manufacturer. Check with your car manufacturer which innovations are available for you.

iOS10: Apple Maps soon will remember where your car is parked

Not knowing where you’ve parked your car and aimlessly wandering around a giant parking lot – everyone has been there before.

Apple introduced early this week the latest version of its iOS mobile operating system to the general public at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). One of those new features includes remembering your parking location, even without Apple CarPlay. iPhone always knows where it is and it knows when you are no longer in the car, by speed or by unplugging your Bluetooth radio.


iOS 10 is already available as a test version for developers. Next month there will be a public test version made available and an official release will follow in the fall.

These four innovations Apple has in store for CarPlay


WWDC 2016 keynote was largely dominated by iOS 10, MacOS Sierra, tvOS and watchOS, but between the lines, Apple also showed innovations for CarPlay. We combine the updates.

Although Apple did not show CarPlay during the keynote, the company did announced new features to the dashboard system. CarPlay is Apple’s solution to continue using iOS in the car by connecting the iPhone to the display in the car. The service is there for a number of cars and, according to Apple, “it’s a smarter and safer way to use your iPhone in the car.”

1. Apple Maps

To start, Apple Maps app is getting a major update. Not only has it renewed the app on iOS 10, this changes also reflected on CarPlay. The app checks if your route is busy and provides you timely if desired a better alternative route. CarPlay thereby shows how much time you save.

IOS 10 has also added a ‘Parked car’ feature. If you disconnect your iPhone of Carplay, a notification on the screen will appear automatically. Then the location of your car is highlighted on the map. That feature can also work with your car without CarPlay if the car has Bluetooth on board.

2. Siri

Siri is not only put further open on iOS and MacOS. Apple also gives developers access to Siri CarPlay. That means developers can integrate Siri into their applications, such as VoIP calling. A handy feature that should make driving even safer.

3. Sort CarPlay apps

With the arrival of iOS 10, CarPlay apps can now ranked or hidden. That can be done via the Settings app. Go to General > CarPlay and choose your vehicle. You can adjust in the next screen where the applications must be in the picture. Standard apps like Phone, Music, Maps and messages can not be deleted.

4. Apple Music

Just like on iOS 10, Apple’s music also get’s a makeover on CarPlay. Thus, it should be easier to navigate songs and find new music. The app menu is completely redone to navigate better and curated playlists are added to the app.

CarPlay WWDC improvements

The renewed CarPlay is completely subject to the version of iOS with which it is associated. Therefore, it requires at least an iPhone 5 running iOS 10. The new mobile operating system from Apple comes out as a free update in the autumn of this year. However, from July, users can already join the open beta of Apple.